A Month Of Thanksgiving: A Thanksgiving Tale, Chapter Twenty-One

I stood after I had finished eating. I headed for the catwalk that surrounded the main hall. More specifically, the part that jutted out from the rest. I was ready to reveal the plan. I walked up the steps, then turned.

I hit the railing. “Attention, all.” I waited for their attention to turn to me. “I hope you have been enjoying the feast, I hope to have many more before our mission is accomplished. Tomorrow, you will be divided into several units. Each of those units will be assigned a commanding officer. Those commanding officers will answer directly to me and my staff.

“Your orders will be to attack certain corporations on the edge of the city. These corporations are to be completely destroyed. That means absolutely no looting. Workers and Mercenaries are to be taken as prisoners, the sec-bots destroyed. Do not worry, all the corporations are now penniless. They cannot rebuild or gain in strength militarily.

“Leave no trace of our being there. Evidence will be planted pointing to their competition. We are trying to keep our identity a secret until it is too late for the enemy to do anything. Remember. These are the entities that threw you into prison for simply being poor and destitute. Show no mercy.

“I need to see the stealth-teleport teams. I have special assignments for you. And a new targeting device.”

A cheer rose from the masses below as I stood there. Singing and revelry broke out as the festivities grew. I felt a grin slowly take shape on my face. Tomorrow’s realities would take the place of their festive today. But what rebellion wasn’t without a mix of both festive and sober emotions?

I waited for the stealth-teleport teams to appear before I went to command central. They followed me. Team Leader One was the first to stop. “What is this about?”

I looked at him. “I, we, have a special mission for each stealth-transport team. I want the brig to fill with the corporate leaders. But we have to do this in steps. I want their security taken out as well as their leaders abducted. Or should we call it arrested? But we do each corporation in the succession of how we attack them and take them down. That means that we do them from the outside in. Tomorrow’s targets are the first to be…arrested. But you will have to coordinate it so that the units that attack the corporations so that you hit at the same times. No delays on either. You must take out the brains of the corporations. the whole boards, not just the CEO. You have to take out the nerve centers through removing central security. Keep them blind. The ground teams will take care of the evidence planting and leveling the buildings after the human element is removed. I want as few casualties as possible.”

All three commanders saluted and smiled. “Yes, Sir!”

I smiled back. “Dismissed. Remember. The nerve center first, the brain next. Or hit both at the same time. Will you need more in your teams? If so, pick as many as you need, trying to keep your teams small and inconspicuous as possible, to get the jobs done. Oh.” I took them to where the targeting devises were. These were small. The size of a wrist watch. and integrated well into their stealth suits. “Here is your new toys. Make sure each team leader has one. If you split into two teams per mission, both leaders need one.”

I watched as they took the extra precaution of giving one to their lieutenants as well. Good. They were protected in case one of their commanders were to be killed. But their mission was to ensure that deaths were kept to a minimum. And they knew it.

They left and I was left alone. But not for long. Tim was the first to find me. “Great talk, Boss. I think they understand what is at stake here.”

I looked over at him. “Are you ready to find each location for the stealth teams?”

He seemed puzzled. “I thought you were going to deal with that.”

I smiled a my head. “No. I am going in with one of the units. I am no cowardly leader who sits in a hidden bunker and gives orders. I am a commander who fights alongside his forces. I will go out with a different team each strike we make. I am relying on you, Simi, Margot, and the rest of my board to be central command. Are you up to it?”

He grinned. “Hell, yeh!”

Simi appeared. “Is this an all boy’s meeting? Or can I join you?”

I looked at her. “Any who comes in is welcomed to join us. Just waiting for the gang to appear. I was just telling Tim that you guys are going to have to be our eyes, ears and brains. I will be going with the units into battle. It has been too long since I was there and I do not want our people thinking of me as a coward.”

Simi smiled. “What does Margot say to this?”

Margot appeared. “I think he is the bravest soldier. I may not agree with his wanting to go, but I respect his decision to be there to inspire the soldiers. I doubt he will take over command until all the command staff of the unit is gone, so they will be able to do their own work without interruption. He just wants to be where the actions is. I do too, but I don’t want to harm our little one before he or she is born. So I will stay here and help with command central.”

In an hour, the whole staff was there. Seven of my board had opted for active service rather than just being desk jockeys. Nine of the lower management also opted for active duty. That cut the actual core command to minimal. One person per duty, instead of a whole staff. I only hoped that we weren’t selling ourselves short.