A Month Of Thanksgiving: A Thanksgiving Story, Chapter Eighteen

With Thanksgiving approaching, I wanted to give furlough to most if not all. I also knew that we would need a small security detail for the base. Perhaps we would want to move the Command Center deeper into the catacombs I had built under my business just to make sure that we were safe from a raid. I would call a meeting.

I looked over at Tim. “How’s the family?”

He nodded. “They’re good. Why?”

I smiled. “I was thinking that central command should move their families, quietly, into the business. there are enough Bunkers under here to create a hive of family activities. What do you think?”

He looked over at me, surprised. “We were thinking the same thing. Are there enough bunkers to house the families of all our men and women?”

I looked over at Simi, who came over to join the discussion. “You’re Chief of Security. Can you get the schematics of this building so we can study them and see if our idea will work?”

She took out her Tablet and pulled up the schematics in hologram. “There are thirty-two tiers of bunkers. All are apartment size, allowing for a family of at least six. If extended families were to move into each, they could feasibly live there for twelve years, since all are supplied by the Insta-Meal MRE dispensary system which is stocked for a citywide catastrophe that hypothetically would last for roughly that long with housing filled to capacity.”

I grinned. “Then pass word that all are to begin secretly moving their families to the safety of The Hive. We will plan a companywide Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings. It will mean everyone taking a turn at buying an actual turkey and the fixin’s for the event to keep suspicions down, but I will issue some funds to do so.”

Tim and Simi nodded. Tim left. Simi looked at me. “Do you want security to start moving the books and artwork to the secure storage vault?”

I nodded. “Yes. And have Margot move into the bunker designated for all the corporate heads. there should be space for all our families in that bunker region. All Lieutenants will move to that general area as well.”

She pointed to the largest bunker of all, which was at the bottom of the cluster. “We will move Strat Com here. And use the pingers to relay our signals out.”

I grinned. “Alert our allies to pull their command centers and quarters into their bunkers as well. We also need mechanical sec-bots to take the place of the human security defending our upper levels.”

One of the stealth team leaders approached and saluted. “All corporations are no longer solvent financially, Sir. We are now the richest corporation in the states.”

I saluted him back. “We cannot let that knowledge out, Soldier. Keep it under your hat.”

He grinned. “Yes, Sir!”

I smiled. “Go pull your family into the safety of the company’s bunker system. But do it discretely. And give the same order to your men.”

He saluted again. “Yes, Sir!” He let his arm fall and went to carry out my orders.”

All businesses were being pulled from the main floor, and the doors readied for closure. For the first time since opening, we were going to close. I released a scripted televised statement claiming insolvency, to throw our enemy off track for a while. The main populace groaned in disappointment at the news.

Simi placed an order with our suppliers for twenty thousand sec-bots to replace the soldiers topside. as the sec-bots arrived, we removed the soldiers. Soon, Our whole force was in the safety of the catacombs. We would need all in our first strike. Our Stealth teams would spearhead the strikes through beginning the abductions.

I motioned for Frank Norbert And Lili Marcasson to come over. They were directors of engineering. They had built this building. Between Frank’s architectural background and Lili’s military bunker design experience, they had made a nearly impregnable fortress in the guise of a corporate headquarters. They knew the structural integrity of the structure better than any other.

Frank smiled. “Yes, Boss?”

I looked at him. “The utility access tunnels. Can they be widened without compromising the structure above us?”

He looked over at Lili. She smiled. “Boss, they are three times wider than they first appear to be. There are non-essential dividers that make three secret tunnels to each side. All we have to do is remove them and we have a huge area to do whatever we need.”

I nodded. “How deep do the secret tunnels go?”

She brought up the schematics again and pointed. “As you know, the tunnels go in every direction. Each tunnel leads to a main tunnel, which none of the other corporations are aware of, that lead straight to each corporate headquarters building. They stop at the vaults, which can be blown to give us entrance into each building.”

I looked at her. “No blowing. use the plasma cutters or the disintegration tunnelers. No explosions. Since we have all their assets, we will not be destroying anything. But we will do one building at a time. And we will start with the businesses farther away. That way, we do not draw attention to ourselves too soon.”

She grinned and nodded. “I will take a crew of engineers with me to widen the secret tunnels. If we start with Stratons, Morovic, And Schlagel’s, the attention will be focused on Tolder’s, Feldon-Reed, and Craemeer’s. They have long been enemies in their respective industries.”

I smiled. “Good, good. At the same time, we will be sending the Stealth teams in to abduct several judges and lawyers. And maybe a few doctors and nurses…but for a different reason. After all, we will need a medical staff.”

She nodded and left, Frank in tow. And so it would begin. We would be hitting the edges of town first and work our way inward, to the center. At the same time, we were going to begin our first round of abductions. If all went well, no one would get hurt. I headed to the penthouse. I had to get everything ready to move.