A Month Of Thanksgiving: A Thanksgiving Story, Chapter Seventeen

Operation Stay Alive was a resounding success and She had no more night terrors after that. All mechanical weapons, spy gadgets, strange machines, and the like were wiped out in our lightning raids. Even new chem-weapons that were being developed were put out of commission for good.

So far, we had not had any casualties. I was hoping to avoid such until we began actual war proceedings. Our raids were only meant to throw the corporations into chaos and confusion. We had not actually sent formal declarations of war.

Late at night, I held conferences with leaders elsewhere in the world. Ali and Tony. Jacques, Poitr, Uri, Manuela, Juana, Juanita, Sergei, Huan Xiao, Tai Piang, Mirimoto, Hans, Maximilian, Nikos, and hundreds of others crowded my nights wanting to join the cause. Soon, we were all known under one name, but different Corps names. One corps per country with hundreds of units under them. Mobilization would be far simpler now that we were all working as one.

What night I had left, I spent with Margot. We still enjoyed intimacy, since she was still early in her pregnancy. But not very often. My late nights cut into our alone time.

One night, I took a risk and opened all channels necessary to make the full planning committee meeting. Every country was represented. “Greetings, fellow conspirators. Before we start the planning, is there any new old business that needs our attention?”

Tony cleared his throat. “Yes. We need to nominate a high command. And a Commanding general. I nominate Dan Hargis.”

Ali choked off an excited giggle. “I second. All in favor? Say aye.”

Two hundred voices came all at once. “Aye.”

I smiled, a tear coming to my good eye. “Since I am your commander, I appoint you all as my field generals. But don’t think that I won’t join in the fight. I ain’t gonna miss this for nothin’. They took half of me, I am gonna take it out on their finances and their businesses.”

A cheer rose from those in the meeting.

I continued. “On to present business. We need to synchronize and orchestrate our movements. we need to move in unison everywhere. Mark the time. From this point on, our raids and our surprise attacks will all happen every hour on the hour as one. Everywhere.”

everyone confirmed their agreement in the attack plan.

I smiled. “In 72 hours, we formally declare war. Are you with me?”

They answered with one voice. “Aye, Sir!”

I cleared my throat. “Then let’s get mobilizing. That is all.”

All lines went dead. Craig turned to me. “Just in time. the enemy has started trying to trace. But we cut off right at the beginning of the trace. They can’t tell where any of us are.”

I looked at him. “You have any staffers who can set up bogus ping-signals?”

He smiled. “You mean fake signal locations? Of course! Hell. There are so many old tunnels under the city that go straight under all the corporation headquarters that we could set it up to look like the signals are coming from within their building And we have the tech that they would never be able to find once we hid it.”

I smiled. “Then let’s use it and do it.”

He grinned. “Yes, Sir!”

I left him to his mission to mislead. I only hoped that he was right about the trace being to immature. This ping idea was a great idea. Perhaps we should have set it up sooner, but I hadn’t thought of it sooner.

I sent out stealth raiders. Their targets were the corporate vaults. Time to begin depleting the enemy of his funding. I wanted to break their bank. Bad.

Once the banks began emptying, we would begin with some of the most important abductions. Possibly the Lawyers and the judges. We couldn’t start with the corporate CEOs due to the obvious risks. It was too early in our war to take prisoners of the main enemies. That was just bad form.

I looked at Tim. “You got this?”

He nodded. “Yup. Don’t you worry. We’ll keep it going until you get back. Go have some alone time with Margot.”

I smiled. “You are the perfect Lieutenant.”

He laughed. “Of course! You taught me everything I know.”

I nodded. “I know.”

He nudged me. “Now go! She’s waiting!”

I hurried to the penthouse, excited about having some much needed alone time with my wife. it had been a few days since our last tryst and I was looking forward to feeling her pressed against me for a few hours after we had a little fun. I liked fun. I enjoyed fun.

As I opened the door, she rushed to my arms. “Oh, God, I missed you!” She pressed her lips against mine.

I broke from the kiss. “I missed you too, Baby. And my name isn’t God.”

She play-slapped me. “You know what I meant, Soldier.” she pressed her lips to mine again in a very passionate kiss.

She broke in order to catch her breath and I started laughing. “Yes, I know what you meant, My Love. I was playin’. Now. Let’s take this to the bedroom, shall we?”

She pressed herself tightly against me. “Ooohhh, yes, Soldier. Let’s do.”

We stumbled, carelessly, into the bedroom. With every step, we fumbled at removing each other’s clothing. Shirts. Pants. Underwear. It fell wherever.

Our unrequited passions had overtaken us. It had been a few days since the last encounter, but it felt like it had only been yesterday. A couple hours later, we lay in a tangled mess on the bed. I smiled.

Life was totally amazing. I had a wonderful wife, A beautiful penthouse, a wonderful illegal business, and a revolution. The irony was not lost on me. I only hoped that I would remain free until the end of it all. I also hoped I would remain alive through it all.

But I was an old warhorse. I had been through worse. After all, I had fought for them. I knew their tactics. But only time would tell whether I would or not.