A Month Of Thanksgiving: A Thanksgiving Story, Chapter Fourteen

We soon had the prisons under our control. With the wardens and the guards under our leadership, we began turning the poor and homeless into soldiers. No more would be put to death. We were going to take the world back, one country at a time. Ours would be the first. The execution chambers would be reserved for those who’d usurped the leadership roles.

The crooked judges. The paid politicians. The corporate leaders who paid for legislation. And anyone else who got in our way. The revolution was now in full swing, and I was at the helm.

I began contacting my friends in the ‘preservation’ business-those who’d followed me into saving books, films, and artwork-and began directing them to do the same as we were now doing. It was time to break the stranglehold that the corporations had on our world. No one should ever have that much power.

The more people that were delivered to the penitentiaries, the larger our army became. The more dangerous we would prove to be. I sent the best mercenaries to the prisons to help train our growing army. I was ecstatic.

We began our guerilla warfare. Our Terrorist activities. Small groups of soldiers would leave our headquarters and pick a corporate target. chaos ensued. corporate armies sought to place blame on each other, even though they had been coconspirators against the masses. Corporations began waging turf wars.

But it still was not mission accomplished. We still needed to begin our seek and destroy. Leaders were to be kidnapped and secretly tried. And convicted. Judges. Lawyers. Bankers. politicians. Lobbyists.

I was amazed at how well our ruse of being attacked had worked. I decided that to deflect attention from ourselves, we would carry out numerous similar faked attacks. As long as the leaders did not take a close look at the films being destroyed, mostly stock footage, then we would be safe. the minute someone got smart and looked at the cans, or the cases, we were done for. I only hoped that we could fool them long enough to hide our intentions until it was already too late.

Everywhere, glass and machinery was being broken. Banks’ alarms were being sabotaged. Police cruisers, made inoperable. We were bringing the country to a stand still.

Our people spread out over the country. Our namelessness was beginning to spread fear. It was glorious. Our revolution was now in full operation.

Soon, the civilian population began to take notice. For too long, they had been assured that the corporations were impervious. Invulnerable. Indestructible.

Now, they were seeing that their overlords were not all they had bragged they were. Attacks were being made upon them by unnamed revolutionaries, showing their weaknesses. Their illusions were beginning to crumble. They had no choice but to admit their weaknesses. Their lack of insight. And oversight.

People began filing into the library looking for clues. None would betray us, but many would join. We were quickly growing in numbers. And we offered them nothing. Not even a victory.

From coast to coast, we had become the most powerful entity, and still had no name. Our brand of terrorism made corporate bosses sweat at night. Fear was such a wonderful tool. It was now our tool. Our weapon.

I began instructing small, elite groups to go in and begin the kidnappings. Our first targets, the corporate lawyers. And the judges. with these out of the way, we would focus on the corrupt politicians. Then, we would wage war on the corporations.

My men looked forward to their missions. It almost seemed as if they took pleasure in stealing our human prey in the middle of the night. Once these targets had been acquired, we began setting up a tribunal. And then, we tried and convicted each of war crimes, treason, and corruption.

Suddenly, they were growing afraid. so much so, that their own shadows made them cringe. Their worlds had begun to come crashing in. And their careers were now over.

I was more than glad that our attacks and abductions had begun striking fear into the hearts of those whose corporations we targeted. It was refreshing to know how horrified they had all become as our tribunal began airing the trials and punishments of those we had captured. I was happy that the people had a chance to see it all taking place, the media feeding them one big lie.

We had begun our operations in earnest. There was no turning back. Nor would I even ponder the idea. I had grown tired of the charade of peace.

And war was never a clean business. Nor was it ever without casualties. Violence of any sort has its own casualties. Civilians would die. Some of my soldiers would die. Many of the corporate leaders would die before they could be tried and convicted of war crimes.

There would also be more scrap metal made in this entire operation than any war in the whole of earth’s history. Weapons makers, remaining true to their natures, supplied both sides with weapons. For every advancement given to the enemy, we were issued the counter before it was used. Strangely enough, not one arms dealer betrayed us. I was surprised.

we sent in our spies. Our reconnaissance details were discreet. Not one was ever caught. We soon knew every inch of our enemies’ fortresses, including the secret entrances and weaknesses in defense. we knew the exact count of their mechanizations. Their mercenaries. Their staff. Where their vaults were.

I looked at Margot. “Do you think we can find the right access tunnels and drill through the walls of their safes? I would like to throw them into a financial panic.”

She smiled. “Why do that? We were just offered some experimental tech toys. One of those was a stealth belt with a teleport attachment. I agreed that we would test them. How better than to break into the vaults and steal everything in them?”

I looked at her, surprised. “Ok, but are we ready to choose a name for our revolutionary movement?”

She laughed. “How about the New Revolutionary Army?”

I grinned. “I like it. We’ll pass it by our lieutenants in the morning.”