A Month Of Thanksgiving: A Thanksgiving Tale, Chapter Thirteen

As I have stated, Mine was not a true corporation. We were a Preservation Society. We were struggling to preserve our history. Our freedoms. Our arts and entertainment.

We were also a network of societies. Our branches reached over all oceans and all boundaries. We had people everywhere. This meant that our armies were everywhere. We had taken over all the prisons on a global scale. There was not turning back.

We only had the name Corporation to hide our true nature. And our sedition. And since I had not thought of it as sedition to begin with, we had hidden it rather well. We still were, through misinformation and false attacks upon our own facilities to make it look as if the revolution was hitting everyone.

Still, I knew it would only be a matter of time until they would catch on as the population on the street began to vanish and they became increasingly locked out of the computer network that ran the prisons. People were pouring into the facility in record numbers. More and more were ready to join the revolution. This, alone, was alarming to me. I could just imagine what the other corporate leaders had to be thinking.

Margot was unconcerned. She saw it as a sign of the times. People were tired of being ruled. They now wanted their freedoms back. And neither of us could blame them.

As things progressed, I picked seven insertion teams. Tagger McCaven was the lead on the first. He had been one of the first to volunteer. Jode Reel was the leader of the second. A homeless man, he had been rescued in our first attacks on the transports. The others, I picked from the prisons.

We also formed seven extraction teams. These would serve as the escape for those who were sent into the corporations to sabotage and create total chaos. The rest would become the bulk of the armies used to attack and take down the leaders. It was perfectly planned.

One of our arms dealers kept us in the loop as to what new toys our foes were buying. Robo-guards. Robo-assassins. Mechanical monstrosities.

At the same time, those supplying the robos to the corporations were supplying us with armor and weapons to take those machines out. It made me laugh. We had all the advantage. Really. We knew each move our foe was making and were supplied with things to make the advancements null and void.

We supplied our moles with the armor, which they put under their corporate uniforms so as not to reveal that they were now invincible. I couldn’t help but smile. We were ready for anything. Including a possible raid on our headquarters.

We even had a specialized construction team renovating our underworld, our basement, to create a secret maze of rooms and get-away tunnels. Deep within, we even had an emergency bunker that could not easily be targeted by anything. And, even though I knew we really didn’t need it, I felt safer.

I knew we had to be ready for anything. It was just good business during a war. There was no halfway. It was all or nothing.

I looked back at the years that had come and gone, as I waited for word on the progress of one of my teams. I remember hearing how greed, fear, pseudo-religious movements and pure unadulterated hate had ripped this country apart. It had been greed that had given the corporations unlimited power and destroyed the system of checks and balances that had once been the pride of our country. When our leadership started allowing themselves to be bought like a commodity, and stopped listening to the masses, that was the end of our democracy.

It was at that point that the people, like sheep or cattle, believed that the corporations had he greater good in mind and began hating the poor and the different. Never mind that the majority of them had been poor, they saw the homeless and the minorities as the enemy. Not those spreading the fear and hate.

The religious leadership also began standing against the very people they were supposed to defend. As a unified force, the corporations and the religious leaders took over the government. No one had rights anymore. Women. African Americans. Asian Americans. Native Americans. Arabs. Jews.

Not even the average American had any rights. Soon after they took minority rights away, they began to systematically take the rights of the rest of the citizenry. Fair wages, gone. Medical care, gone. Private ownership rights, gone. Voting rights, gone.

And even though they had claimed to be in favor of gun rights, they removed those as well. They had stripped the people of everything. And they still had no clue as to why their cash flow stopped or became a mere trickle.

The only paying job was being a soldier. A mercenary. And even that did not pay well, and your families did not get compensated for your death, should you die. It was desperate times.

But now, the people had finally woke up. They were seeing what they had lost. And they wanted it back. Hell. I wanted it back.

Now, there was a revolution on the rise. Slaves were coming in. Street people. Mercenaries. Police.

Our numbers were growing on a daily basis. An hourly basis. And I was their general. We were now locked in war games that could get us all hung for sedition. But it would be worth it. Especially if we succeeded in our mission and freed the world of this ugly blight.

A voice crackled over the com. “Alpha Red to base. Come in base.”

I smiled. “Base here. Go ahead, Alpha Red.”

The voice came back. “Mission accomplished, Sir. Heading back to base.”

My thin smile turned to a wide grin. “Roger. Over and out.”

Margot came over. “Are we bracing for an explosion?”

I nodded. “A big one. Somehow, we need to get a huge turkey dinner for our freedom fighters. We have a lot to be thankful for.”