A Month Of Thanksgiving: A Thanksgiving Tale, Chapter Eleven

It was odd when my daughter and the rest of her family walked into the chapel. Our own chaplain appeared at the door leading to the priest’s office. and smiled. “Ready for some fancy paperwork, Sir?”

I looked at her blankly. “Were you in on this too?”

She smiled. “Of course. Who do you think tipped your daughter off to where you were?”

I shook my head in wonderment. “Hmmph. Seems everyone had their hand in this. I turned to see the board walk in as well. “What about you?”

Timonny nodded. “Yes, Dan. Every one of us. We couldn’t stand to see you suffer. Your granddaughter’s father had been in to check out books way back a couple years ago. Around the time your granddaughter went into the service. we began setting it all up then. You needed to have your family around you. He agreed. at least, once he met with us.”

I looked at him, stunned. “Wait a minute. You met with him?”

Tim looked away. “Well, yeh. We thought it would do you good. and the lady there was just an added bonus in the deal. If you’d been as observant as you were in the war, you would have seen her coming in every day for the past year. From the moment she and your granddaughter were released from active service. Even then you would have known that something was very amiss. But, no. You sat at your post, unconcerned with who was coming or going.”

I shook my head, all flabbergasted. “You mean to tell me, I was being watched for that long?”

Margot nodded. “Yes, My Love. I am sorry.”

I smiled. “I cannot believe that my best friends all wanted me to be happy. I-I don’t know quite what to say.”

Timonny smiled. “Thank you will suffice.”

I turned back to the chaplain. “Then let’s get this done. That is the best way I can think of to thank everyone for doing this for me.”

The chaplain smiled. “Alright, Mr. Hargis. But you have to sign these forms first…both of you. For the marriage certificate, which will be secretly filed here. No one need know out there.”

In the following hour, we had the most beautiful rush ceremony ever. With papers signed, and ‘I-Dos’ exchanged, we were officially legal to be together. And we couldn’t have been happier.

Since the rise of the corporations, living together had become illegal except in the case that you were married. it was kind of a hypocritical law, since the CEOs tended to bed their secretaries as mistresses in secret, cheating on their wives. Yet, they condemned millions, every year, to death for such minor mistakes as premarital sex or extra-marital affairs…or just being gay or different. Hell. They executed people for just being homeless or poor.

It had become a mad, mad world. And now, I was working toward ending the madness. The hypocrisy. The lies. The corporate greed.

I was spending my billions to start a revolution. And I didn’t care. I only wanted to end the craziness. If that meant starting a war, then I would do so.

After the ceremony, I looked at Tim. “Start pulling in the homeless and poor. we need all the manpower we can get.”

He nodded and went to my daughter’s husband. They had a conversation, then he came back over to me. “How do you propose we do that? all that are rounded up are usually taken to the halls of so-called justice where they are sentenced to death or worse.”

I looked over at him and grinned. “We re-route the wagons here. Or hijack them. whichever is the easiest. Is there any way to recruit some or all of the drivers?”

He scratched his head. “Probably. Let me talk to our consultant.”

I watched him go back to my daughter’s husband. He nodded to whatever Tim was saying. And he nodded again. Tim came back over to me.

He smiled. “He thinks it is doable. All the scenarios you advised. Which do you want to use?”

I looked around. “I would rather bring the drivers to our side. But, if need be, we can try the other two options. But only as last resorts.”

He looked away. “OK.”

I could tell this was going to be an interesting undertaking. We had to abscond with soon-to-be convicted poor and homeless. Then we would have to find a way to free those who were already convicted. Whether they were enslaved or in cells awaiting to be executed. We also had to begin our attacks. One at a time.

I smiled. Every tomorrow that we were able to change would make a better future than what we faced at this moment. I only hoped that we could save enough of the poor and homeless to make the bulk of our main army. I wanted to throw the largest assault at the corporations that we could. But I wasn’t going to force them to fight without a leader. I would lead them into each battle.

As we walked back to the elevator, I looked at Margot. “Have any regrets?”

She looked at me and smiled. “Never, My Love.”

I smiled back. “Neither do I, My Love.”

We started laughing. I knew we had been meant for each other the day I met her. Even after her tirade. And she knew it.

We got on the elevator and went to the penthouse. Tonight was our honeymoon. And we both had reason to celebrate. We both knew it.

I walked over to our television and turned it on. I knew she was in the mood for a really great movie. So was I. Besides. We were really into breaking all the rules.

But my buddies and I owned everything here. The movies. The books. The artwork.

There wasn’t a thing the corporations could do to us. But there was something that we could do to them, and we were about to start. I knew we had to get started as soon as possible if we wanted to make an impact. We had to inflict as much damage as quickly and as soon as we could.