A Month Of Thanksgiving: A Thanksgiving Story, Chapter Ten

seems like it all became a kind of family reunion from that point on. My daughter and her children all came to join the cause. seemed I had a lot to be thankful for these days. I was reunited with family I had been banned from seeing. I had just received word that many of my cousins and distant relatives were making the trek to where I was based to join as well. many had been homeless for years and were being harassed by corporate punishers for simply trying to survive. I would welcome them all. And give them hope.

As I waited for the next group of recruits to arrive, I sat down. Margot came and sat down beside me. “What is it, Hon?”

I glanced at her. “Just thinking.”

She was concerned. “About what?”

I smiled. “Us. How it is so ironic that I did not even think about the war I had been waging or the revolution I had begun with the library. Or my company. At least, not until I met you.”

She heaved a sigh of relief. “Then I must make a confession, My Love. and I hope you will not be mad at me.”

I looked over at her suspiciously. “Why would I be mad?”

she put her arm around me. “Our meeting wasn’t accidental. I was sent to you.”

I looked over at her. “By whom?”

she smiled. “By Callie. I am her best friend. I have been since I served with her in both tours we did. We grew to hate the corporations in those tours. Just as much as the civilians who are forced to live under their tyranny.”

I was still looking at her. “And that deadbeat boyfriend?”

She smiled. “Oh, he was real enough. As was my anger at him for leaving. But my outburst was all rehearsed and scripted. It was designed to see if you were who she thought you were.”

I didn’t know whether to laugh or growl angrily at her. “And how did she get to see any of that?”

She looked down. “I was wearing a wire. And a mini cam. your boys found the wire easy enough, but by that time it had already served its purpose. and the cam fell off in the hallway. Callie is a brilliant surveillance officer as well as an intel gatherer. I was always her infiltrator.”

I shook my head in wonderment. “You pulled it off so smoothly. What about you and I?”

She took my hand. “I love you. I have from the day I met you. The act I put on that first day was the hardest act I have ever had to do. All the time I was doing it, I wanted to stop and confess the whole thing.”

I chuckled, finally understanding. “And that wouldn’t have helped Callie. Or her mother.”

She laid her head on my shoulder. “That’s right. And she was too scared to contact you herself in public because of the ban. She was afraid to get you in trouble.”

I smiled. “And now, they are all willing to put their freedom and their lives on the line for a revolution they feel strongly about.”

She nodded. “Getting you to see that your whole life had already been dedicated to a revolution was her idea. She knew that your books and movies were illegal contraband according to the laws of the corporations. Your buying them to ‘preserve the past’ was a cover for blatant disobedience. the only reason they hadn’t taken you down was because you did it under the guise of a corporation, and they won’t take down a fellow corporation. Just as they won’t take you down for inciting a revolution. They won’t even suspect you.”

I shook my head. “Kind of convenient, Huh?”

She giggled. “Yes it is. But it is a labor of love. not only to your family and this generation, but to the future generations to come. do we really want them growing up in this hell?”

I looked over at her. “You’re committed to this too, Aren’t you?”

She looked back at me. “Yes.”

I looked up at the ceiling. “To answer your question, no. I don’t want future generations growing up in these conditions. We need to restore the government we had before you were born. Or, at least, something similar to.”

She nestled my arm. “Don’t worry, Love. I won’t be fighting out on the lines. I will be in here helping with the strategy and planning of the whole thing. After all, I–we are expecting.”

I felt my heart leap. “You mean–I am going to be a father?”

She smiled. “Yes, My Love. We are going to be parents.”

I grinned big. I didn’t quite know what to do with myself from that point on. Not only did I have a beautiful lover, I was also going to be a father…again! I only hoped that I would live long enough to see him grow up.

I looked at her after the shock wore off. “When did you find out?”

She kissed my cheek. “This morning. When I went to the doctor’s office here in the building. I suspected, but wasn’t sure.”

I pulled her close. “I couldn’t be more pleased.”

She smiled up at me. “Me either, Honey.”

I looked down at her. “I think we ought to make us permanent. What about you?”

She sat up and looked me in the eye. “Are you asking me to marry you, Soldier?”

I scratched my head. “Well, when you put it that way…” she play-punched me with her elbow in the side. “Oh, Ok. Yes, I am. Margot, Dear, will you marry me? I know we have only been together for less than a month, but I could not imagine myself with anyone else.”

She smiled and took my hand. “Yes.”

I jumped up. “Then, we will do so right away.”

She got up as well. “Yes. The sooner, the better.”

We walked down the hallway toward the main business. We had to get to the chapel. Quick. I grabbed Callie as we went. “You’re coming with us. Don’t ask questions.”

She looked perplexed. “OK.”