A Month Of Thanksgiving: A Thanksgiving Tale, Chapter Six

After she moved in, we began to rearrange certain rooms. The sunroom, which I rarely used, became her art studio. The living room became a shared space, with elements we both enjoyed. The kitchen, too, became a shared space. No longer did I have to do all the cooking, so we remodeled the Kitchen to suit both our needs.

The bedroom, though a shared space, remained relatively unchanged. Minimalist me, I had never really put a personal touch on my sleeping space. I had simply left it relatively undecorated. This, she found to her liking.

Her loft downtown had been more of a studio apartment. she’d had no way to really decorate where there was a bed, couch and kitchenette all in the same room. Here, she had space to grow and roam. Room to blossom.

And blossom, she did. It was so amazing to see her grow in her new surroundings. She thrived. I couldn’t believe the changes I saw take place in her. All, for the better.

With a store in the same building as our home, there was really no traffic to fight. And, of course, there was an art supply store there too. All that she could ever need was now within a convenient distance. All she had to do was walk out to the elevator, punch a button, and go to the floor where that particular store was.

I even set up a gallery exclusively for her to sell her artwork. It was my birthday present to her. And she would forever be my lover. I had won her heart completely.

I would go and work in my library all day, only leaving for lunch. At lunch, I would meet her at The Cornucopia. Or we would return to the apartment and have a home cooked meal. We would part with a kiss and return to our work.

At the end of the day, we would return home. since there was a theater and other entertainment venues in the building, We had our choice of things to do. But, if for some reason we grew bored with those venues, we would go out on the town. No matter what we did, we had fun.

One evening, we were sitting at home and she looked at me. “Why don’t we just spend tonight in, Baby?”

I grinned. “I see no problem in that, My Darling. What would you like to do?”

She smiled sweetly. “Let’s order pizza and watch old movies. We haven’t done that for a while.”

I squeezed her gently. “Sure! And we can cuddle and enjoy each other.”

Her lips sought mine. “Now you’re getting the picture, My Love.”

I grabbed the phone. I couldn’t remember how long it had been since I’d had pizza. To me, it was more enjoyable if there was someone to share it with. And now, I had someone to share with. I punched up the in-house pizzeria. “Yeh. this is Dan up in the penthouse. I would like to place an order for a pizza.” I mouthed the words What do you want on it? to her. She mouthed back, combo. “Yes. A combination pizza. yes. Breadsticks and drinks. thank you.”

She looked into my eyes as I hung up. “So?”

I tried t look serious. “They said they were all out.”

She play-slapped me. “Liar.”

I smiled. “It will be here in 45 minutes. complete with garlic-cheese breadsticks and drinks.”

She turned so that she was astraddle of my lap, her arms around my neck. She moved closer, pressing her body against me. “Do I have your total attention, Soldier?”

I smiled happily. “Always, Beautiful. What are your orders for the evening?”

She pressed her lips against mine. I could have kissed her forever. I never wanted those kisses to end. So sweet. So tender. “How about we find a movie?”

I couldn’t help but grin. “What, and leave this piece of heaven behind?” I kissed her again.

She looked at me in mock surprise. “What about the pizza?”

I was still grinning. “I told the delivery boy to slide it under the door.”

She play-slapped me again. “Liar. I sat here and heard the whole conversation.”

I picked up the remote and punched in the movie number. I could remember when I saved the complete film archives of all the old movie studios. I had been fortunate enough to have the money on hand to keep them from being incinerated as well. Funny what corporations find unimportant when they take over a government or a country.

forty-five minutes seemed to fly by rather quick. but, on cue, the door chimed to let us know the delivery boy was there. she slid from my lap, and I went to pay the account. I gave him a large tip. “Make sure to take your girl out after work.” I winked.

He smiled and winked back. “I won’t, Mr. Hargis.”

I took the pizza, breadsticks and drinks from him and he left. I let the door close and then turned to her. “Dinnah is suhved, m’dear.” I was doing my best butler impression.

She began giggling. “Silly man!”

I plated up the pizza and breadsticks. I took the plate and the drink to her. “Your food, Madame.” I handed it to her.

She was still giggling. “Thank you, My Love.”

I went back and got my own plate and drink. We ate in relative silence as we watched to movie. Afterward, as our plates sat on the coffee table, I pulled her close to me and put my arm around her. At about midnight, I noticed she was getting tired. “Shall we go to bed?”

She gazed up at me and nodded. “But don’t think you are off the hook just yet.”

We headed to the bedroom. I watched her as she undressed. Lord, She was so beautiful! We crawled into bed.

At first, she cuddled into me, her head on my shoulder. Then, she crawled on top of me and smiled. “Are you ready, Soldier?”

I grinned. “Of Course, My Dear. I was just waiting for you.” I glanced at the calendar on the bedside clock. It was November 14th.