A Month Of Thanksgiving: A Thanksgiving Story, Chapter Four

Let me clear something up right now. I was only fifty. And still in damn good shape, considering my robotic parts. My daughter had been born when I was twenty, and my granddaughter when I was only thirty-seven…or so. All I can remember was that I was told that my daughter had rebelled against her mother shortly after our divorce and had gotten pregnant. In doing so, she had embarrassed not only her mother, but her grandparents as well. Shortly afterward, she left to go into the military. ‘To be like her ol’ man,’ she had been quoted as saying when my ex called to chew me out for it all.

I still have no clue as to why it had to be my fault. After all, they had been the autocrats, not me. I had not had an ounce of visitation since the divorce. Something about my military service making me unreliable and dangerous. They had even paid a fake expert to get up and testify that all vets had flashbacks, which was not true. At least, not for me. I didn’t remember anything of the explosion. Hell. I didn’t even remember what went on in my time of service at all. The explosion had erased that. Or the surgery had. One of the two.

But still, the courts had banned me from any contact. And I kept to the court order. Even after she went into the service. I didn’t even go to her funeral when she was sent back in a body bag. I wouldn’t have been allowed in. But I visited her grave on a nearly daily basis. And cried.

had I been allowed to be a part of her life, I could have talked her out of serving. War just wasn’t what it had been when My own father served. At least then, they could still tell who the enemy was.

Once war was corporatized and privatized, it became shades of gray. It was no longer cut and dried. Black or white. Right or wrong. We were merely sent to attack corporate targets. Intel was all about sabotaging a rival company. War was fighting a rival corporation’s army.

But I had hope now. Margot had given me something to live for. Someone to forget the past with. Someone to begin anew with. And I was going to do just that.

As I said, I was still in rather good shape at fifty. I still visited the gym, I still walked regularly, and I still looked like I was roughly about thirty-three. I was the picture of great health, mainly because of clean living. I didn’t believe in drugs, I didn’t smoke, and I rarely ever took a drink of liquor.

And now, I had shared a few nights with her. And what wonderful nights they were. We were in paradise. She made me feel like a man again. In every way.

And she was every bit of woman I could ever want or need. Oh, how I loved her. We were meant to be together. We were soul mates.

I woke up in her bed and looked over at her as she slept. Such a scene of wondrous beauty! so peaceful. So serene. I couldn’t help but smile.

I leaned over and kissed her forehead. Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled at me. “Awake already?” Her voice was still filled with sleep, and her question was half mumbled.

I smiled. “Yes, Love. I was watching you sleep. I didn’t want to wake you.”

She was still smiling. “Then get back down here and let me put my head on your chest, Soldier.” She tugged at me playfully until I fell onto my back and let her put her head on my chest.

She didn’t mind that her side of me was the metal part that lurked just under the skin. She just wanted to feel me under her head. And listen to my heart as it drummed out a smooth little rhythm. And I loved having her head on my chest anyway. I was happy just to have someone who cared.

I let my breathing fall into a soft rhythm. Soon, she was back asleep, and I was dozing. I must’ve gone back to sleep, because next thing I knew, the alarm was going off.

I opened my eyes when I felt her pulling at me. I closed the gap between us and we kissed. I was a lucky man. She was a very sexy woman. Very beautiful.

She smiled and rose, her naked body slipping into the bathroom for her shower. I waited a few minutes, then slipped in to talk with her as she showered.

She giggled at the sight of my shadow upon the shower curtain. “Come in, the water’s fine. Besides. I can think of a million things we could do while in here together.”

I wasted no time. I entered the shower. “I like this idea.” I smiled.

She smiled back at me. “I bet you do.”

Minutes later, we both emerged and dried ourselves off. I watched as she dressed, then dressed as well. It was so wonderful to be loved. And to be wanted.

We went to the kitchen and sat at the breakfast bar. I had a cup of coffee and some grapefruit. She had a poached egg and orange juice.

I looked down. “How would you feel about moving in together?” I looked back up.

She smiled. “Haven’t we sort of already done that?”

I smiled back at her. “Well, not officially. I was talking officially.”

She got up and came to where I was sitting, throwing her arms around me. “Who moves where?”

I put my arm around her. “Well, if you want me to, I can move here. But I hate to see that nice penthouse of mine go to waste.” I moved my mouth closer to hers.

She brought her lips almost onto mine. “I would like to see this penthouse of yours. Maybe I will want to move in with you.”

Our lips met. for the first time, I was thinking about the future. I looked at the calendar. It was November ninth.