My Beliefs

My Beliefs:

I am not a political party, I am an American.

I do not believe in trickle down. It is not truth-based, it is a theory that has no basis in reality. The truth is that the poor keep on getting poorer, while the rich get richer. Trickle-down is only designed to justify their greed and lack of interest in those less fortunate.

I believe that the individual (Me, myself, and I) is not important. It is those who are around the individual that is important. This said, I cannot force another to believe what I believe, I cannot convert, I cannot save. I cannot even save myself. It is humanly impossible.

My views on religion: religion is manmade. It is a wall built around the basis of hope and faith that no one can humanly succeed at. Each religion has more rules dealing with outward things/appearance, but does not address the spirit/soul of the “believer.

Religion is based upon whatever you worship. For most this is three things: money, power, and anything that will gain them the first two. Religion can also be a distorted physical view of anything governed by faith. What has become the two major religions of the world are no longer the faith-based systems they had been intended, therefore all who follows either are unbelievers in the core of both.

Other forms of religion include: hate, fear, war, ignorance, and faithlessness. Religion isn’t just these, but these are the most prevalent. Politics can also become a religion.

I am a man of faith, not a religious man. I try to live according to my faith, not by the expectations of the religious establishment. This said, my faith expects me to desire the best welfare for those less fortunate and not to focus on their weaknesses. Being a man with weaknesses, I understand that no man/woman is perfect, therefore, I have no right to preach at them about their misconceptions on sexuality or sexual preference.

I am not an ordained minister, therefore, I do not have the right to preach religious psychobabble at anyone. I do have the right to point out misconceptions of those who would rather not pay attention or research the subjects they spout, but I do not preach.

I fully believe that those who squeal the loudest about the wrongs in society are the ones with the most to hide. Remember: for every finger you point, you have three pointing back at you reminding you that you also have something to fix in your life.

For those who believed the “47% that don’t matter” philosophy of Mitt Romney: this could not be farther from the truth. All matter. Even those who misuse a system that was set up for the good of those who could not afford anything else.

For those who do not believe in raising the minimum wage, and have “proof” that all who are in managers positions and now getting rich: every rich or wealthy person I have ever met, no matter where they started out, have had one thing in common. They have forgotten where they started. They all have disdain for the poor, of whom many are working three to six minimum wage jobs to just make their bills. Minimum wage is fine where it is if you are a high school student working on the side to pay for your events and sporting trips. It is not ok for a struggling single mother who has to worry about how she is going to have to pay a babysitter, make her bills, and still have enough to put food on the table.

And realistically, not all single mothers are “sluts” who slept around. I have had the opportunity to meet many who have suffered the humiliation of their husbands leaving because of the arrival of a child. Or their husbands, the one who was supposed to support the family and set the example, were violent and/or unfaithful. The point is there are many factors that decide single motherhood that political agendas do not take into consideration or that mainstream religious leader tend to ignore.

It is almost as if our current climate condones violence and condemns the victims. This view is wrong. We should protect the rights of all, but not by ridding ourselves of what we see as a threat to our personal beliefs.

Being a Christian, I believe:

Judge not, condemn not means just that. This was followed up with a question: “why do you focus on the speck in your brother’s eye, and not see the mote in your own?” in other words, why do you focus on your neighbor’s weaknesses, when your own sin (IE judging them, condemning them) is greater?
For the three verses used to justify the hate of many toward gays, there are hundreds more (such as the one above) that directs us to: not make a brother stumble in his walk, not to offend, to love all, to forgive all, and that direct us to do everything that is now under attack as not of interest to the leadership.

Biblically, we were instructed to give amnesty to all who sought it within our jurisdiction. (It is everywhere within the New Testament. “Do not hesitate to entertain strangers, for in doing so, some have unwittingly entertained angels.” It is even in the Old Testament, alongside the “law” everyone rushes to in order to condemn homosexuality as are laws against incest, maltreatment of others, dishonesty, unfair business practices, rules regarding the usage of the land and everything we conveniently tend to ignore in our rush to point fingers).

Biblically, we are instructed to care for the poor and show them respect. (Proverbs 17: 5; Deut. 15: 11; Luke6: 38; Acts 4: 32-34; Acts 20: 35; James 2: 1-12; Matt.19: 16-22; Matt. 25: 31-46; I Peter 4; Isa.58: 6-7; Prov.21: 13; Heb.13:1-2; Lev.19:9-10; Psa.82:3-4.) If you truly love your fellow man, you ensure that even the poorest has what they need.

Biblically, we are instructed not to hate. (I John 4: 20; Matt. 22: 37-40; Matt. 19:19b; proverbs 14:21; Luke 10:29-37; Romans 12:2-3.) In fact, the whole of the Bible is an instruction book on how to love our fellow man. It is not a book to be waved around to justify why anyone hates.

The Bible gives an exact instruction on how to properly conduct business. Several scriptures in the OT condemn unjust measures and wages. Many in the NT also do the same. Yet not one man who points to the “Sex” scriptures seem to be the least bit concerned about these. I am. My business structure is based upon this “Just Measures” instruction. My views on ethics are also influenced greatly by this.

If this all makes me a liberal Commie Socialist Marxist, then I proudly wear that as a Christian that actually takes his Lord’s instructions to heart, not because some individual is intent on justifying their anti-social policies or beliefs.