Now At 5000 Words (More Or Less)…

For those keeping tabs on my progress with NaNoWriMo, I am now over 5000 words. I am going to aim for three thousand more words tomorrow. Just because. I just didn’t quite make it tonight.

No excuses. Plain and simple, I just did not make it to 3000 this time. Each chapter is being treated as if it is a separate story in itself. They are broken up into three to five subchapters, each of several hundred words. I usually aim for about five chapters, but only reached three tonight.

I am well ahead of the expected, though I did just a little over what is expected per day. Since 1000 words are all that are expected, I try to get as far ahead as I can. Since I am used o writing about 3000 words a night, I should be able to hit it consistently every time.

I am still going to attempt to begin the next installment of Angel Of Death tomorrow. I know, I have been falling behind. But I have also been very busy. And distracted.

2 thoughts on “Now At 5000 Words (More Or Less)…

  1. thank you. Each chapter I have posted here is between 1000 and 3000, respectively. None actually reach 3000, but they have gone over 2000. I try to keep each chapter at about 1000, though, so they are fairly uniform.

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