To Be Continued….

This weekend starts NaNoWriMo. I will be focused On Saints & Sinners: The Vampire Wars, a full length novel, broken into three or four parts, all month long. For the first time, I have entered a writing contest to see how well I can make 50,000+ words. I am hoping to make 60,000+.

I have just finished The Crystal Ship, Book Four of the Angel Of Death series. I will possibly resume on this series once November is over and I have the project for NaNoWriMo done. After all, I still have six novellas to go before I reach Bad Company.

Oh, Yes. I am keeping track. Originally, I was going to try to write three of the six novellas, but decided to do a totally different project that was still related to the series. I am hoping to make it as interesting as I have done with this series, because I will be doing one “Wars” Novel a year. Each “Wars” Novel gives a little more history/backstory to Saints & Sinners. This year, I send the vampires to war. Next year, the Firstlings. And so on.

If there is a call for it, I will also write a series called The Histories to also go along with the other series that are going on. As far as Angel Of Death is concerned, I am trying to finish the series so most of it can be released by January. Then, I can start or finish some of the other series in Saints & Sinners.