Boy Blue: Chapter Seventeen Of “The Crystal Ship”

I am completely amazed. All my girls insist on remaining with me. Now I have to let them know who and what I am after. Boy Blue. A vampire like no other.

Cruel. Vicious. Lethal. Careless. He is one of the Vampire Nation’s top generals.

Unlike many of those I took down twenty years ago, he is not of any House. He was turned a few years ago. Before that, he was a commander in the failing Human Alliance. That Alliance is no more. It, like the congress of the government before the war, was taken over by the Nation. From within. Without their knowledge.

Business deals. Drug deals. Mergers. Unholy sexual liaisons. Political betrayals. Payoffs.

It didn’t matter. In the end, the Alliance was just as corrupt as its predecessors. And history repeated itself. No over-simplification. Just the facts.

His true name was Boyd Blueren. He started out as a mercenary in the war. Once America fell apart, he went abroad and became a Jihadist. When he returned, he was lured in by Kalkolides. And turned.

He has an almost religious fervor in his way of waging war. And he loves to spread terror. Lucius, the head of the Brotherhood, has asked me to take Blue out because of this. His messenger appeared in the night after we crossed back into enemy territory. And now I have to tell the girls.

I stop our advancement and turn to them. “Last night while you slept, I received a request. We are on the hunt. Our target is the toughest I have ever went after. Boy Blue.”

Sara smiles. “sounds simple enough.”

I shake my head. “Don’t let his name fool you. He is a relic from the Human Alliance. Then, he was named Boyd Blueren. He was a vicious mercenary who turned Jihadist, then Vampire general. His name comes from his conspicuous midnight blue uniform. Not because he is a boy. His original nickname was Little Boy Blue. It was a call sign. His signal to attack was the other part of the nursery rhyme Come blow your horn.

“I know. sounds funny. But when he was given that directive, he wiped out entire villages, towns and cities. He took no prisoners. Gave no quarter. Thrives on terror.”

Maya looks at me. “Who takes him on?”

I look down. “I do. You will have to keep his personal guards busy. They should be rather easy. I haven’t found vampires who could actually fight very well in the past. and the bleeders are no better.”

Matti looks up. “Bleeders?”

I look over at her. “Familiars. Human soldiers fighting for an empty promise of immortality. There are usually more of them than there are actual vampires. Sort of a mercenary unit within the VN.”

She smiles at me. “Oh. Ok.”

I continue. “Just because I say they are easy doesn’t mean that it will be a cinch. Quite the opposite. This is going to be real work.”

It is Faith’s turn to smile. “We are in this with you until you return to the convent where the Sisterhood are. We all trust you. We joined you for this reason. We have all been displaced by these monsters and want our world back. We will fight beside you come hell and high water.”

I smile. “Then we go find this monster and put him out of our misery.”

They all smile and nod. Got to love them. Can’t find loyalty like that much of anywhere. Unless you are part of the Sisterhood.


It has been exactly two days since our discussion and we are now ready for this assignment. We top a rise. There, in the valley below, is Blue’s army. The girls go for a surprise attack and begin loosing arrows into the camp.

Soldiers are dropping like flies. I should have known. We look at each other. “Bleeders.”

Not a single one is rising from where they have fallen. Blue turns to see what is going on as his men begin screaming and dropping like flies. I wade into their midst like a crazed beast. I am headed for Blue. And he knows it.

He turns and heads for me as well. “The Angel has graced my camp. How nice of you. Now you shall die.”

I smile. “Spoken like a true warrior. But words get nothing done. Let’s see if you can follow with deed as well.”

He shows himself adept at swordplay. But he is still awkward enough to be easily kept off balance. And I am more than up to the task. Parry. Thrust. Jab. Skirt. Feint.

I can tell he is getting frustrated. His men are falling by the scores. He is unable to pin me down. He can’t even find an opening to exploit. And worse, he is getting bored.

He is so used to being the surprise attacker that he is unable to compensate for our surprise attack on him. The terrorist is unused to his tactics being used against him. He strikes out desperately. And misses.

I smile. He has left himself wide open. I slash low with my right to distract him. My left takes his head cleanly. Three hours after it started, it is over.

The girls are finished as well. No Quarter. No mercy. No prisoners. Just death.

They pull what arrows are salvageable from most of the dead. We scavenge their weapons. Knives. Swords. Bows. Arrows. Spears.

Anything that will help our fellow resistance fighters. We even take the tents. These, we wrap the weaponry in. I find a box and place Blue’s head in it.

We head back to the meeting place I picked for the update. I will send Blue’s head to the abbot as a present. And as proof that Blue is dead. And I will be more than glad to be rid of the vile thing.

We will also figure out how to get the weapons to the resistance as well. I just wish it could be easier. But nothing worth doing is ever easy. This, least of all.