What a patient with Ebola experiences

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What's Up at Upstate

sextonA patient who survives Ebola suffers through some nasty symptoms, and then his or her body regroups to muster a fight against the virus.

“One of the big problems with this disease is it impairs adaptive immunity. You don’t develop an antibody response initially, so you’re not killing off the virus appropriately,”

James Sexton, MD, an assistant professor of medicine in pulmonary and critical care at Upstate University Hospital, told medical staff Tuesday in a lecture about the disease that’s on everybody’s mind.

Infectious disease precautions are part of standard training for doctors, nurses and other hospital staff. They have been practicing how to care for a patient with Ebola since before Upstate was designated one of eight hospitals in New York State that would handle Ebola patients.

People who arrive at Upstate are asked whether they have traveled to West Africa or had contact with anyone who has been…

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