A Letter Home: Chapter Fifteen Of “The Crystal Ship”

As Sara keeps watch with the rest over the refugees, I set about doing the impossible. I open my cloak and allow my wings to flap. I grab one end of the cable and fly it to the opposite side of the river. I use my telekinesis to form a loop and make the wire seal itself into that loop around a sturdy oak halfway up the tree. I watch in wonder as the wires weave themselves into themselves and form a tight loop. Too tight to slip down

I fly back to the side where the others wait. Unaware of my current doings. I work fast and quiet. I cause the rest of the cable to heat up and form into a solid pole and drive it deep into the ground so that the cable between it and the tree on the other side becomes taut. I find a rod and bend it loosely around the cable with enough to slip into the raft. I pull sides off one of the barns and lay them one on top of the other. The inside braces facing each other.

These, I cause to become a single solid block. I find some empty chemical drums and mind-weld them to the raft as floats. I telekinetically float the raft to the river’s edge and cause the rod to stick itself into the middle. I retighten my cloak as I walk back to the house. Sara meets me.

I smile at her. “We now have a way across. I only hope it holds long enough for us to cross.”

She looks at me. A strange look in her eyes. “What are you saying?”

I Look away. “I have made a way across. Tomorrow we ferry across. The raft is large enough to hold all, but will take as many as possible to help pull it across the cable.”

She smiles. “You are truly amazing. Just when I think I have you figured out, you come up with a way to surprise me. I am not going to ask how you did it. I will just wait and see how you did it.”

I go on inside and find an old desk in a corner. I open the drawer. Out falls an envelope. I look inside and pull the paper out. I realize it is a letter. I look at the address on the envelope’s back. It had been sent from Europe long before the war. I read the letter to pass the time.

A lone tear roles down my cheek as I read the last letter the owners of this house ever received. A letter home from a roaming child they probably never got to see again. The postmark was only weeks before the war began.

I remember the news reports from the east the days following that postmark. How every plane was being shot down by the Republican Army. Or the Democratic Army. How thousands were dying daily from the downings.

Of course, I remember how those armies had killed my family. I remember how they left the way open for the outlaw bands. And the ultimate arrival of the Vassare’s vampire horde.

Anger and sadness well up inside of me all at once. My childhood was ripped away from me by those fools. And my life. They killed indiscriminately. All over stupid ideals that had no one but themselves in mind.

I put the letter back. I shouldn’t have read it. It was not meant for me. I close the drawer.


Morning finds us dragging the raft into the muddy water. The twelve of us hold it fast as the refugees climb aboard. Once loaded down, we heave…pulling our way across the river’s expanse. Until we are at the other shore.

We leave the ferry for the next group of refugees that come along. I mentally push it back across to the far side. The side we had come from. I smile. The thought of others being able to flee from the vampires is a happy thought.

Should the vampires get too close, the werewolves will tear the ferry down. Allow it to sink. But until then, allow the humans to cross. Let them seek freedom once more.

If we push, we will make good time. Oklahoma City, here we come. I sure hope you are still a free city. If not, we will have to move on to Arkansas. Or Texas.

Funny. The ones the humans hated the most represent their only hope of survival. Me. The Werewolf-Changeling Alliance. The Allied Underground. The Sisterhood. The hunters that roam the land.

Even the other half of the Vampire Nation. And the Firstlings. It really is ironic. Man has tried his best to make us disappear. And yet, we are his only hope.

At the forefront are those like Sara and the other ten young ladies. True warriors. I admire them. They have come a long way. I smile.

Sara sees and smiles. “Where we headed?”

I look over at her. ” Oklahoma City. If it is not safe, we will go to Tulsa. If not Tulsa, then Arkansas.”

She looks over at me. “I heard that the Underground holds Arkansas. Is that true?”

I nod. “They did last I knew. I am hoping that they still do. And Oklahoma as well. They held a whole corridor from lower Missouri and Kansas to Texas. And west to the coast. I helped them open up the west.”

She grins big. “I bet you made them suck-heads real sore at you. I mean pushing them out of their power base in Colorado and Wyoming. Not to mention sealing California off from their clutches. I hear anything to the north is desert.”

I smile. “Yes. draw a circle around most of the upper Midwest, upper west and northwest. That is called the wastes. Man’s futile attempt to eradicate the vampires and undead. No nuclear winter. Only a destruction of all vegetation. And the turning of all the land to a radio-active wasteland where nothing can live for at least two hundred years.”