About Last Night….

So I kind of stalled out last night. Between being extremely tired and Not sure where to go with the story, I paused. This evening was a different story. I switched a couple of chapters around (namely moving the title chapter forward quite a ways, bringing the climax of the story ahead eleven chapters. Now, I can slowly wind down this story and get ready for the next one.

I have briefly introduced the Harvesters, who-if I may be blunt-are not quite all dead…even though their ships are all gone. But I will not ruin the story by giving away any point in a future novella. I will slowly introduce each Fallen “Firstling” race as I go through the story, so don’t worry.

The story has a lot of twists and turns still ahead, so don’t get too comfortable. I even have a few surprises in store for Cris’ little group of fighters. Not quite sure which direction I will go with them yet, but I guarantee you that you will be the first to know. Mainly, because it will be divulged here.

Until tomorrow, Good night All.