New York City: Chapter Seven Of “The Crystal ship”

Werewolves are out thick tonight. And not the ones that are on our side. As with the Vampire Nation, the Werewolf Nation was also torn in half. I remember my lessons from Truva’s Histories series. Each of the ‘Firstling’ races were halved by the Great Deception where many were deceived into believing that man had usurped their birthright.

Tonight, there is a patrol of Fallen werewolves looking for any refugees. I just wish that Grady and his monks were nearby. Would make this a lot easier. I walk out of the farmhouse. No need to allow the Fallen to come across these innocents.

I go to the top of a nearby hill. In their line of sight. And draw my swords, then kneel. And wait. A ruse to draw them.

And it works. They come in droves. I rise when it is too late for them to retreat and begin cutting them down. A whole army falls to my blade.

But their leader hangs back with reinforcements. “She’s got to tire soon, Boys. After all, she is but one and we are many.”

I grin at his overconfidence. “Didn’t the devil teach you that not all your opponents would be human? Or not all your supposed prey?”

He is evidently confused. “What mean you by this?”

I look at him from where I stand amid the bodies of his fallen soldiers. “Apparently word has not spread from the vampires to you or you would know who I am.”

He howls in laughter. “Those fools are afraid of their own damn shadows. Hell. They couldn’t fight their way out of wet paper bags. Only way they can do anything is by deception and devilry.”

I keep the smug look as I stare him down. “All the same, they fear me. As should you.”

He throws his head back and roars in laughter. “And why should I fear anyone? Tell me that, princess.”

I glower at him. “Come ahead and see. Since the fall of half your force was not enough, maybe the death of the rest of your command will.”

He motions. “Get ‘er, Men! Leave her not alive! show ‘er that the werewolf is to be the one feared, not some wench!”

They rush me, but I stand my ground. Unnerving half of them. The other half fall quickly to my blade. Those who fell back rush me halfheartedly. Almost cowardly.

I turn and face him. “What about you? Are you too much of a coward to face me yourself? Is that why you sent your warriors to face me?”

He has finally become enraged. He roars in anger. “No, witch, He growls, “I was just watching for your weaknesses.”

He lunges. And misses. But I do not. My right blade finds its mark deep in his chest as my left falls across his neck. His death is instant.

I look off to my right. A motion has caught my eye. There, I see the great warrior General Anubil. He salutes me as he draws near.

I look him in the eye. “Good evening, General.”

He smiles, I think. “Very good, Miss Cris. These fools have been running for some time. What brings you out here to the river?”

I am shocked. “Has no one sent any message to you?”

He shakes his head. “No. Why?”

I look away. “I am out here searching for the Crystal Ship. I am supposed to scout it out and find out what they are up to. Then destroy it if my instincts are right about it.”

He looks at me. “Good luck. Word is not good. If what you have heard is what witnesses who’ve emerged from it have told us, then you will have just cause to destroy the abomination. And its Feyini operators. Do not be fooled by their common appearance. They are pure evil. Slavers, if all accounts are true. May God be with you.”

He takes his leave and I am left with my thoughts. Feyini. Or Feyin. The ‘First Born’. There were six races born before man. Feyin were first. Then the Dannacht. And the Aesil. And the Werewolves. The Vampires. The changelings. And finally, the Grigori.

I am now about to confront the Feyini. Who else would have such a vessel? Or use such a name? Damn.


Morning has come. I am sitting next to the sleeping Sara. I am deep in thought. My Thoughts keep going back to the Feyini. Now I know that it won’t be easy to win this battle. But I must.

Sara looks at me. “What’s wrong? You look troubled.”

I look over at her. “I am. I learned something last night that I was hoping wasn’t going to be the case.”

She is almost in tears. “You’re leaving us?”

I smile. “No. I am not leaving. There are werewolves about. Normally, I would not be concerned, since many of my friends have been such. But these are not friendly to me or us as a group. But enough about that. Tell me what you remember about New York.”

“Before the Vampires took it over, it was still a beautiful city. The parks were amazing, even after the massive scarring left from the war.” She turns away. a tear tries to roll down her cheek but gets wiped away. “Until mama died, it was the best place a girl could call home. At least until the diseases hit and wiped out many of the older people. Then, it was a place of death. We had few places left to bury the dead, so the parks became their final resting place.”

I look away. “I am sorry I made you talk about it. It sounds like a wonderful place.”

She looks back at me. “It was. But we went from thirty million to less than one million in just a few weeks. Most of those million were young children or younger adults. Under thirty. We had no defense against what we couldn’t see. The hospitals and their medicines had long closed and no doctors were left to treat even the symptoms.”