On To The Next Book….

Ok, so I have finally finished writing Bounty Hunter. I have noticed that each novella is getting a little longer. In fact, a few chapters ago, I typed well over 1,000 words. I believe that it was more like around 1,300+. But I have reached my goal.

I am hoping that you are still enjoying the story. I have several more books to go before I make it to Bad Company. So far, the only major city to fall is Mobile. I have introduced Battle Axe, before he becomes known as such. Right now, he is Hent. He won’t take on the moniker of Battle Axe until later, when he is scarred beyond recognition.

You will find that he has two problems. One, he is a drunk. two, he feels he is obligated to things that do not belong to him. Not a nice guy. But I have to start with the villains somewhere. A few chapters back, I intro’d Friedrich.(Or was that in book two?) Anyway, I will leave off with the storytelling until tomorrow night when I return with another three episodes starring our favorite vampire/vampire hunter, Cris.

Until then, I’ll catch ya on the flipside.