Bad Company: Chapter Fourteen Of “Bounty Hunter”

I have almost reached my next mark. It has taken me longer because of the ghouls. But I am still able to make good time. Let the human hunters search for the small mindless feeder nests. I will take out the master clans. Maybe then, we can make headway on ridding ourselves of the feeder nests. Well, easier, anyway.

Beware, Torgue. I am coming for you. I want to spread as much fear through the Vampire Nation as possible. I want you to pressure your high lord to take action. I want you to beg for mercy.

But I will give no mercy. No quarter. No peace. Only nightmares.

I have no sympathy for your kind. I give no kindness. For none show me that same kindness. I simply fight them. And kill them.

It is a part of my mission. Destroy the Vampire Nation. One clan at a time. If they don’t destroy themselves.

Amazing how they have done as papa always said terrorists would do once they had accomplished their desired mission. I laugh. It is ironic, no? Yes. Very much so.

As darkness falls, I decide to explore the new powers I might have. I wonder how tis telepathy thing is going to work. Do I just send out a thought to my intended target? And would he or she be a target? Or a victim?

Can I influence their dreams? Plant a thought? Make them hallucinate? My mind is abuzz with questions.

First target. Master Torgue’s wife. I smile. Let’s try a really bad dream. I am curious if vampires can dream. I mean like I can. Let me send one of my past dreams to her.

I focus on her mental hum. I plant the thought that she is extremely tired. I can feel her drift off. I plant the suggestion that she cannot be awakened by anyone by my thought. Then I plant the horrible dream and a desire to kill whatever is in that dream. I can hear her husband trying to wake her. He is frantic. What is she doing?

Open your eyes. Let me see what you are doing. But do not wake from your dream. I speak mentally to her.

I am gazing at a grisly scene as she opens her eyes. I direct her to look down and view all she has done. She does.

I am sickened at what I see. She has killed her sons. Then, without warning, she turns the knife on herself. As the sound fades from her dying ears, I can hear her husband’s anguished sobs. I lose all sound as he begins cursing Kalkolides.

Now, I am frightened. What have I done? I hadn’t intended for anything physical to happen. But it had.

But the damage has been done. I cannot undo it. And I really wouldn’t. I would have had to kill them anyway.

There is a shift. Torgue has left with his soldiers. He is headed to confront Kalkolides. I won’t have to kill him after all.

But I still have to destroy his fortress. I still have to collect his family sword. So I press onward. But wait. Torgue has returned. A broken man. With no army.

He has been stripped of wealth and possession. He is alone. I plant a single thought in his head. I am coming for you. Make welcome the company that will be calling upon you tomorrow. Shattered, he accepts.


Broad daylight. I enter his fortress. Such a stately manor. Torgue meets me at the door.

“Come in. You are here for me, I take it?” He looks at me blankly.

“Yes.” I confirm his assumption.

“Then do it quickly. I have nothing more to live for.” He flings out his arms. This leaves his neck wide open. with one hand, he plucks his family’s sword from its placard and hands it to me. “Use this.”

I take it. I remove his head with a single swing. I take a torch and catch every tapestry on fire. Then, I leave.


I need to rethink this telepathy thing. It didn’t work quite the way I thought it would. Something went wrong in the interpretation of my instructions.

“Need some company?” Angel’s familiar voice brings me out of my thoughts.

“I’m afraid I am terrible company right now.” I mutter.

“Let me guess. Someone died?” He is trying to make me feel better. But it isn’t helping.

“Actually, yes.” I look over at him. “And she gave me something that scares even me.”

He looks over at me. “Really? Want to tell me about it?”

“Her name was Annabelle. She was an Alpha with telepathic abilities. She died helping me with Olaffssonn. Though I really didn’t need her help.” I look over at him. He shows no emotion. “She gave me her abilities before she died.”

“And this scares you?” He is processing the information.

“No.” I shake my head. “Not this. But what happened when I used the ability for the first time.”

His head snaps around so that he is looking at me. “What did you do?”

“I sent a thought. Caused Torgue’s wife to fall asleep. ” I look over at him. He is nodding. “Then, I sent one of my old nightmares to her. I added the instructions to kill whatever was in the dream. I meant for her to kill them in the dream. But, then, I heard Torgue trying to wake her frantically. I commanded her to open her eyes and show me what was going on, but not to wake.” I put my head in my hands.

“And?” He is still unmoving.

“When she opened her eyes, she was killing her sons. When she was done with that, she turned the knife on herself.” I look over at him.

“Sounds like your own system has layered the new abilities into your normal ones.” He smiles at me. “Or awakened latent abilities you already had. What did you have before the change?”

“I saw the future.” I look over at him. “In my nightmares.”