Queen Of The Reich: Chapter Twenty-Two Of “Waiting For The Sun”

I stand at the gates of the fortress. I know full well that they won’t let me in. I am not an ally. Or even a known member of the Vampire Nation. In fact, I am a known enemy. This alone would cause them to attack me.

I throw open my cloak. With swords drawn, I launch myself into the air. Swords crossed in front of me. The sentries never see me coming. As I rise above them, I swing my swords in downward arcs. the sentries’ heads bounce harmlessly down the catwalk stairs.

I land stealthily on the catwalk high above the grounds. No one has noticed the missing sentries. Good. Maybe I can get inside before the alarm is sounded. Or not.

Two more sentries emerge from the door on the far tower. They spot me. Yell an alarm. and rush at me, their rush comes to an abrupt end as their heads go bouncing harmlessly the same direction as their friends’ heads.

Suddenly, I am in the middle of a very heated battle. vampires are pouring from every door. I look down. one of the fallen has a really interesting weapon. Looks like a boomerang, but a blade. I pick it up. this will go nice with he rest of my current weapons. But first.

I give it a throw. And watch in amazement as it takes the whole line of soldiers out. on all walls. I catch it. carefully. I smile. I have just wiped out a whole army in a single move.

Not bad. I head for the closest door. I use the stealth I was taught by Tanaka. No one seems to notice me. But, then, there are few vampires left. At least on this level.

I sniff the air. Something else is missing. Someone else. Kalkolides. He is not here. Damn!

But someone very close to him is. She is here. The Queen of the Reich. Good. I want to send Jason a message. One that will shake him to his very core.

As if taking out his whole army won’t. I make my way down the hall. Following her scent, I go from hallway to hallway. She knows I am here. She is moving. Trying to keep away from me. Why?

Could it be? The thought enters my mind. And I know it is possible. She could be pregnant. Sterilization as a vampire is another fallacy of Hollywood. Vampires are generally born, not made. I mean true vampires.


It takes me a couple of hours, but I finally find her. Now cornered, she is hissing like a mad cat. I can now see that she is pregnant.

“What do you think you will accomplish here, witch?” She is trying to make me mad. It isn’t working.

“Never worry, Queenie. I will accomplish exactly what I set out to do.” I remain emotionless.

She thrusts herself at me. I raise the sword in my right hand just high enough to where it will kill her unborn child as she lunges. She screams, but only for a second. Her head is removed by my other sword.


I spend hours making wooden spears. I stick them into the ground in front of the fallen fortress. I, then, stick the heads of all the fallen vampires on each one. Including hers.

I remain respectful of her dead body and do not post it with her head. Instead, I set the fortress on fire. It will serve as her funeral pyre. I watch for a while as it burns. Then I disappear into the night.

I am quite a ways away when I hear a great, distant sob. Loud. Mournful. Anguished. Jason has returned to find his wife dead and his fortress destroyed.

It is all followed by a great, loud roar of rage. He will punish someone for this night’s loss. I only hope it isn’t a city full of humans. I continue on. I must continue to look for the Stones.

I do know that I have weakened his army. I just don’t know how much. Or what the effects of my actions will be. All I know is that I have destroyed his fortress and his family. Unless he has a second wife, I have even killed his heir.

Absolute power does corrupt absolutely. And too much really is like not having enough. Sooner or later, the power you have begins to feed upon itself. And you.

I do feel for him, though. I know what it is like to lose your family. I lost mine twenty years ago. To one of his generals. Now, he has lost his to me. A fair trade. For now.

I continue on. Where I go from here, I do not know. Maybe to the west. Or back south. I do not know. Not yet.

Maybe I will just wander the land for a while. Kill a few ghouls. Kill a few zombies. And even a few more vampires.

Still, I kind of wonder what lies west of here. I really haven’t been any farther west than Baton Rouge. What lies in California? Or New Mexico? Or Arizona? Or even Texas?

I wonder what is left of the Pacific Northwest, where Grampy and Grammy lived. Can’t be too spectacular. Everyone there who refused to fight in the war was executed. didn’t matter what their age was.

But there was a lot of death in the early part of the war. And those who were fighting couldn’t see who was really pulling the strings. They couldn’t see that the Vampire Nation had taken over the corporations. Then the conservative branch of politics. But they had done so slowly. over the last century of man’s control. And it all led to this.

By the time man realized what was really going on, it was already too late. He had already been subjugated by the Nation. Made into little more than cattle. Now, the world is back in the Dark Ages.