Bout me….part deux

If I haven’t already stated, I have two birthdays. One is when Jaysen True Blood officially became my alter ego, and the other….well that was when I was born. My pen name has its root back around September of 1989. I was still playing around with other possible names and personalities, but Jaysen…well he sort of started out as Jason L.S. True Love. Now, True Love is actually a family name. L. was for my middle name, S. was for Sparks-my mother’s maiden name. I have never been happy with my surname, so I was trying just about any name I could come up with.

True Blood stuck, though, replacing True Love. I dropped the L.S. and Redid Jason as Jaysen, a spelling I had seen once before only with an “O” instead of an “E”. Wanting to continue with the originality that my mother had started with my middle name (Levii instead of Levi-also a family name), I changed one letter and added another to become Jaysen instead of Jason.

Ironically, since I am at least 25% Native American, I was given the blessing of one of the regional chiefs in using either True Love or True Blood as a part of my pseudonym. With this blessing, I was now free to become who I am. One August 1, 1990, Jaysen True Blood was born after five years of debate and finding that the other names didn’t really fit.

I, myself, was born June 4,1974 to Alfred D. and Charlotte M. Peterman. My father never read anything I wrote. He “wanted” to wait until I was published. Unfortunately, he forgot to stipulate that he wanted to see me published under my real name and never forgave me for using a pseudonym. He likened me to a magician which, at the time, was basically condemning my act as anti-Christian. I published a couple poems under my real name, but the damage had already been done. He would never read anything I wrote.

No matter. Jaysen True Blood has become me and I him. We are one and the same, but two separate entities. Life is crazy that way sometimes.