Kiss Of Death: Chapter Seventeen of “Waiting For The Sun”

This is not the first time we have caught a vampire midway through his nightly feed. Seems they just don’t learn. Hunters call this the kiss of death. And for good reason. Most humans die from this wound.

But it is not entirely accurate. This is also the point of infection. And this disease is far worse than the legendary viruses, Ebola and Marburg. This kills, then resurrects. Well, sort of.

The new being that rises is no longer a living one. They, for the most part, are dead. Much as I was. And am.

I grimace. I hate the sight of a vampire feeding upon an innocent. It is just sickening. And most vampires are mindless until after feeding. And then, it is up for debate.

I, personally, believe that they are still mindless. Self absorbed. Self important. Self serving.

But then, they always have that impression on me. Perhaps I am not able to see what others can. But I do not see any redemption for these soulless monsters. I only see that death solves a problem.

McCall has taught me that much. These are the true monsters. Everything else just can’t help it. Vampires are supposed to be intelligent. Sort of like the politicians of old. But they tend to be dumb. Thick as a brick.

That is dangerous to their own. And everyone else. And they don’t seem to care. They are such gluttons. Feeding. Gorging like ticks. Ready to pop afterward.

Seriously. It is disgusting. And they tried to make me like them. How dare they? I would rather be what I am. Something special. Someone special.

No matter. I am not concerned with that now. Only killing them. and preventing their victims from becoming one of them. Our battle is never ending.

We approach the suck head cautiously. He looks up and hisses like a pissed off cat. My swords are already drawn. He comes at me. I smile.

“Come on, suck-face.” I taunt him. “You forgot to wipe your chin.”

He seems unconcerned with his appearance. “You will die!”

“I told you about your chin because I don’t like getting blood on my clothing. But, since you insist.” I sidestep his rush and turn on him. “Is this your best?”

I shouldn’t have said that. Now he is really pissed. Oh, well. I don’t really care. the angrier I make them, the less they can control their attacks. The easier they are to kill.

I easily parry each of his awkward thrusts. I dodge each of his rushes. He is too easy. I cut his arm off at the elbow. He howls and flees. Right into McCall’s waiting long sword. A machete flashes darkly and the vampire’s head falls.

We move on. There is always more to be done. Always more vampires to kill. More victims to finish off.

As the night wears on, we kill the sum total of one hundred vampires. McCall beheads the same number of victims. By midnight, we head for safety. We will count this night a victory.


I am lying on my bed. I am still thinking of what went wrong with that first vampire. Why had he not attacked me even after losing his arm? It just doesn’t make sense. Most do not care about their lost limbs. They simply continue their attack.

That one did not. Why? I look over at the door in time to see Truva stop. He turns and comes in.

“Do not beat yourself up over your first target. He must have been a newbie. Experienced vampires do not flee from battle. Not even after losing an arm.” He shakes his head. “Well, almost none. I remember Vassare doing the same. But I think he was given orders to not stay. Or he would have. Just to make sure we had been wiped out.”

“Ok. It was just weird. I have never had one flee. Except Vassare. And his cowardice made me angry. Showed me what they are really like.” I shake my head.

I know I will meet up with Vassare again. I can count on it. He won’t run the next time. He will try to make good on his threat. He will try to make me agree to be his bride. And I will refuse him one more time.

I look forward to our next meeting. The next time, I will take his head. I smile at the thought. I will finally wipe that evil grin off his face. I fade off to sleep.

I open my eyes. Something is wrong. I rise and grab my swords as silently as possible. I barely make it out to the main hall.

I spot him. Vassare has come to call on us. And it is not a good thing. Never a good thing.

“Ah, my little-a-chickadee. I am-a-glad to see you. Are-a-you glad to-a-see me?” his damn Italian drone is enough to piss me off.

“No.” I glare at him. “I am never glad to see you. I just wish you would go and die. Again.” I take my stance.

“I tell-a-you girl, I will-a-marry you one day. Mark-a-my words. You don’t-a-know how special you are.” He is a determined little imp.

“I would tell you to go to Hell, but I can see you are already there. With your delusional ideas. Hell will freeze over before I ever marry you.” I cross my swords defensively.

He rushes me. I dance away from him, taking the same hand I had taken weeks before. He howls in pain and vanishes. Again. Coward.

Truva looks over at me. “Maybe you’re right about him. Maybe he is just a big coward.”

I hear McCall chuckling. The first and only sound I will ever hear from him.

“Next time I meet that dumb ass, I am going to kill him. I am not going to let him get away. He is getting on my last nerve.” I start giggling.

As I walk back to my room, I can hear Truva begin to chuckle, then burst out in all out laughter. I am giggling all the way down the hall. I know I will run into Vassare again. I can just about count on it. The problem is when.