Battle Of Tyr: Chapter Thirteen Of “Waiting For The Sun”

Tyr. The mythical land of the immortals. Better known as Tyr-Nan-Og. Now what the vampires have begun to refer to their ’empire’ as.

Never mind that the Tuatha De Danaan would have kicked major vampire butt, had they existed. Well, they did, but they weren’t gods. Nor were any other so-called pantheon. They were as I am. Grigori. They still are. But far more ancient.

They didn’t start intermarrying until after they met. They weren’t family. Not even close. Only man would make true heroes incestuous. Goes to show you where man’s brain is.

Back to the present and our new dilemma. We killed a major player in the Vampire Nation. A patriarch of one of the houses. May God have mercy upon us.

Without knowing, we have declared open war upon the vampires. This puts all hunters and Grigori at risk. As well as mankind. We can only hope that another vampire clan is blamed. At least for a while. After all, the target assumed a clan had sent me. She had not seen McCall. Only me. And I am as she was. A vampire.

But only in appearance. I am much more. And much less. And that’s the problem.

With a war brewing, I have to train harder than usual. Though I hope that the vampires begin fighting amongst themselves, I am realistic enough to know that it may not be that way. But I do hope We have enough time to build our resistance. I am hoping that many of the Grigori are able to make it in to our safe zone before the vampires realize that it wasn’t a ‘hit’ arranged by one of their own.

Over the past week, we have had nearly a hundred Grigori and hunters appear in our safe zone. All have been looking for safe have. And we obliged them. Now, I train with them. We train for a coming war.

Last night, Grady returned. He had a secret meeting with McCall and Truva. When he was done, he came to see me. His claim was to see how I am handling things. He smiled when I said it would be a whole lot better if it meant an end to the vampires. And the ghouls. And the zombies.

But we could never get that lucky. I know that. We all know that. But it doesn’t hurt to wish. Does it?


I woke up this morning and found that Grady had left in the night. Off to the missions. Well, at least he will be safe there. I hope.

I am on my way to the arena. But Truva stops me. “We won’t be training today. We will be building our defenses. The vampires have figured out that there was no hit put out on the elder. To make it worse, they figured out that it was me and McCall.

And the war is coming. Let ’em bring it on. I can take them all.

But there is no time to think of the fight that’s coming. We have to set up traps and fire moats. And picket lines. And a possible escape route that the suck heads know nothing about.

We are scrambling to get everything done. Not enough time. I just hope that Grady made it out safely. I wouldn’t forgive myself if he didn’t.


Sundown. I can hear the war-horns of the vampire armies. They’re getting closer. But I am not afraid.

Drums. How absurd. Are they serious? Or are they trying to drive us insane?

“Here they come!” The alert rings out from behind me. Bows and crossbows twang, releasing a cloud of deadly projectiles into the approaching enemy lines.

The enemy breaks through. But barely. I dance into their lines, my swords weaving a net of death. Vampires fall on all sides of me. Their heads bounce off the ground like ripe melons. Their bodies drop, limp and lifeless.

Suddenly, he stands before me. An evil grin spreads upon his lips. “I will make-a-you my bride, Bella. Even if it is the death of me. You do not know how-a-special you are, Bella.”

“Over my dead, cold body, Vassare.” I look him right in the eye.

“Oh very well, Bella.” He strikes at me. I take his hand with my sword. He scowls. “We will-a-finish this some-a-time later, Bella. When it is just you and-a-me.”

“You’re nothing but a coward, Vassare.” I am trying to get him to turn back and fight. But he doesn’t. Instead, he vanishes. His severed hand does as well.

I turn my attention to the remaining vampires in our compound. The retreat of one of their commanders has gone unnoticed. I spot another of their commanders standing upon the pickets. I put my swords away and slide my crossbow back to the front. Pulling a bolt from the quiver at my side, I load. I aim. I shoot. I hit my target, and he falls into the pickets–pierced by every spear point beneath him.

I take out a second and a third. One by one, I take out all thirteen remaining lieutenants. As the last one falls, the masses of vampire soldiers realize that they have no leaders. Panic sets in. They begin to flee.

I grin. But not for long. Over the din I hear it ring out.

“Do not let them escape! let’s carry the fight to them, Mes Freres et Souers! They must not be allowed to regroup!” It is a voice I have never heard. I turn and see McCall waving the Grigori onward as he speaks in that Cajun accent. The only words of English I will ever hear him yell. Mes Amis! Time to take the charge and make the advance!”

His rallying cry unifies the Grigori. It even calls to something within me. As one, we pursue our enemy who are in full retreat.”

Give no quarter! Show no mercy! Take no prisoners!” My own voice joins the battle cry. I am surprised at myself.