And The Story Goes On…

I was going to post more of “Waiting”, but ran out of time. We are starting to get into the more intense part of the story. The two good cousins have been brought back together by the machinations of the Evil sister/cousin. Hmmmmm. This just gets more interesting, doesn’t it?

The series, which is only a part of a larger series (Saints And Sinners) has jumped from nine to twelve novellas in the works. I have decided that a 100 year jump would be too much where the stories are concerned and too labor intensive to fill the holes with the other parts to the BIG series, so I cut the time lapse down to twenty years between books. As you have seen, “Waiting” starts on her twentieth year, the last year she is with McCall. I am not going to ruin the book for you, so I will say that the next book is twenty years after this one. And all the books are twenty years apart. Though she never ages.

I am thinking that most of the sections of Saints And Sinners will be 12 books long, except Lilith’s Journey, which ends around the time that “Bad Company” (In Angel Of Death, the subseries this current book-in-progress is part of) takes place. All the rest are long runs, many having a back story that is before the beginning of “Angel”. And I mean way before. Like millennia. two or three start in medieval Japan or thereafter. Two start in precolonial/slave West Africa. One in Renaissance France. One in Classical Rome.

The point is that this storyline stretches from ancient times to a bleak, dark apocalyptic future. This is the most ambitious story I have ever taken on and it started with a single story. Of course, this is an alternate earth where vampires, werewolves and other critters have roamed through all of history and have been kept in check by both normal human activity an a group known as Guardians, or the Grigori.

In some places, they are called “Sons Of Heaven” or “Sons Of God”. In others, they are thought of or talked of as if they are angels. During some periods, they become considered gods. Egypt. Greece. Mesopotamia. Rome. India. China. Japan. Wherever gods were worshipped, they were the gods. Only difference, man changed their names and personalities to suit his needs and to blend with nature.

Hunted, later, as witches and heretics, they are forced underground, except the secret brotherhoods and sisterhoods that have always been hidden from view. Like some governmental agencies, these brother and sisterhoods are kept secret by church officials. And the evils they hunt are considered a fiction.

In Cris’ world, these are all reborn and the guardians all emerge out of hiding to take on their role once more. Cris and Isabel are the two latest editions to this ancient community. Lilith I the latest of those known only as the “Fallen”. These were once Grigori, but fell from grace because they embraced evil. But I will explain all this more in depth as I unfold the rest of the series.


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  1. This is interesting, Jaysen – a kind of advance notice of what you’re writing. Does it act as some kind of help to you, I wonder ? – the laying down of some of the plot …?

    1. Not really. Just kind of a teaser for the reader. Often, I will use little things like this to help the reader understand that views expressed aren’t exactly my own, but are added for purpose of the character. Sort of giving a character their own voice. I already pretty much have the story mapped out in my head.

      The growth of the series, from one chronicle to several within a single series, was unexpected. It was actually something that a beta recommended. It was re-enforced by someone I had proof-edit for me as well. Taking their suggestions, I have begun building the outline for the overall story and beginning on certain parts of it.

      Although the current series has grown from nine to sixteen (with 20 years between each book), I am in the zone, creatively. Oddly, it seems the muse has taken control of my whole life at the moment.

  2. mine is a fickle one. she left me for twelve years where fiction was concerned. spent six of those years writing lyrics and the other six writing poetry. but sporadically. I am haunted by her sisters and sometimes they work in tandem. I did have a spell of the dreaded creative block. Played video games endlessly and killed three laptops in the process. But, when she returns, she returns with a vengeance. Crazy.

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