Done For The Night…

I decided not to add to The Sisterhood tonight. Three stories are quite enough for now. I actually want to catch Voodoo and Lilith up to The Sisterhood, so I have another couple of chapters to post before I am up to speed on all three. Then, I can post a chapter of each every day. Or maybe even two.

As for Waiting for The Sun, I want to get it finished. I want to get started on book three as soon as possible. Why? mainly because I want to get the first four books done so I can catch up with the three spinoff series…and any other that comes along due to requests.

All are quite an adventure. I have to remain in historical context with Voodoo and also keep tribal customs and beliefs accurate. I used to do a lot of reading on obscure religions and beliefs, namely those of Africa and Asia. I am also a big fan of mythology, so it fits well.

Anyway, I am done for tonight. Hope you have enjoyed what I have posted of Waiting. Until tomorrow, Good night.