Carol Burris: How to Clean Up the Common Core Standards

I vote that they do the final suggestion. How about you?

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Carol Burris, award-winning high school principal in New York, is one of the leading critics of the Common Core standards. She has studied them closely and finds them to be a mess. The problem, she says, is not “implementation,” as their advocates say, but the standards themselves. She notes that teachers’ support for Common Core has rapidly declined. The more teachers use them, the less they like them.

In this post, she suggests what must be done to fix them.

One possibility is to adopt the Massachusetts standards, which were far superior to the Common Core standards, but Massachusetts dropped them in order to get millions from Arne Duncan. Besides, Arne Duncan, now the czar of American education, might punish states that dare to replace the Common Core standards, even with superior standards like those of Massachusetts.

So here is what Burris proposes:

1. Insist that the State Education…

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