A Note

To my European readers, especially any from Germany or the German/Slavic corridor:

Please forgive my blatant generic (some would say stereotypical) portrayal of Von Kroul. In all the years I have been around various German speaking adults, I have never found an accurate way of portraying the Germanization of the English language. There are so many different variables in accent and letter misrepresentation…and some do not have the “typical” problem of switching V’s and W’s. around.

I am not sure whether it is the are from which they come from or just an exaggeration of a slight problem of a minority. I have been trying to portray a character that speaks mainly German, but has chosen to speak English because he knows Cris cannot understand German quite well enough…and to a certain point, this certain character is also so old that he speaks old high German and even (probably, not going to confirm) the Hun language. His origins are really unclear (not really, but his is a story for another time) and so I want to make him set in his linguistic ways.

You will find, as I go along, many of the characters you think you know are really a lot older than they seem. Their stories may end up getting told in their entirety at a later date. For now, I am merely introducing you to them.

Now. With my apology out of the way, I will take my leave and go to post a chapter of “Voodoo” and of “Lilith’s Journey”. Will have to wait and see where I am after that to know if I will post another chapter of “The Sisterhood”. Hope you have enjoyed these two chapters.